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Ethnoscience provides history and architectural history services related to the identification, documentation and treatment of cultural resources, including survey, evaluation, planning and mitigation. We provide timely and cost-effective solutions for complex projects. Our decades of experience have supported cultural resource compliance projects ranging from mining, pipeline, and utility development to transportation planning and community preservation. Project scopes have varied from a single building evaluation to a historic district documentation involving over 100 buildings. We have performed detailed documentation and evaluation of historic rural and transportation properties throughout the Northern Plains, historic hydroelectric facilities in Montana and Idaho, and historic district analysis in a variety of urban settings. We have also successfully completed HABS documentation of ethnic architecture and National Register listing of historic architectural properties.

Our History and Architectural History services include:

  • Section 106 compliance services
  • Literature, deed and background research
  • Architectural reconnaisnace inventories
  • Historic district analysis
  • Historic context studies
  • Viwshed analysis
  • National Register of Historic Places (NRHP) nomination
  • Historic American Building Survey (HABS) documentation
  • Historic American Engineering Record (HAER) documentation
  • National Historic Landmark (NHL) nomination
  • Agreement documents (MOA, MOU, PA)
  • Community patterning analysis
  • Social analysis of architecture
  • Integration of primary source documents with historical archaeological data